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Club Rules for The Indoor Range

￿ The hours of operation are twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year, except during work details, scheduled shooting events and during club general meetings.
￿ Lights must be turned on when shooting unless match dictates.
￿ Exhaust fans must be turned on while any person is on the range.
￿ If you are the last person to leave the range/clubhouse, turn off all the lights and exhaust fans.
￿ No smoking or eating is allowed on the indoor range.
￿ All socializing is to be confined to the meeting area. The indoor range is for shooting only.
￿ All other general rules and regulations apply.

￿ Handguns up to .45
￿ .22 rim fire rifles.
￿ Air rifles/pistols (with pellets only).
￿ No other rifles or shotguns are allowed.
￿ Black powder is not allowed.
￿ No sub guns or carbines in any caliber

￿ Lead, alloy, jacketed, semi-jacketed bullets are allowed.
￿ No steel core bullets of any caliber are allowed.
￿ Handgun caliber ammunition only up to .45
￿ Magnum loads are allowed.
￿ Armor piercing, incendiary and tracer ammunition is prohibited.
￿ No BB's are allowed. Pellets are allowed.
￿ No center fire rifle ammunition, shotgun, shot shell or slugs are allowed.

￿ Paper targets only
￿ No targets larger than 24"x 24". No targets larger than 12"X12" for short wall
￿ Targets must be set all the way to the backstop, 50 feet from the shooting bench at all times. If you need to shoot at a distance less than 50 feet you must shoot OUTSIDE.


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